Bringing Back “Forumness”: The Making of the New Laikipia Wildlife Forum


Bringing back Forum-ness


A productive and robust Ewaso landscape that supports dynamic, sustainable livelihoods and healthy populations of wildlife.

To nurture and reinforce stakeholder institutions that can support wildlife conservation and sustainable natural resources management in Laikipia and among its immediate neighbours.

To help make LWF representative of these stakeholder groups, and to form a more inclusive and equitable FORUM, we propose:

  • Ewaso Landscape Council
    This is the mechanism through which county government, donors and regional programs can help us address the landscape issues of water, wildlife and rangelands outside of Laikipia. Members of the LWF Board would participate in this Council.
  • The LWF Board
    The revised Board of Directors of LWF would be selected from among the seven different stakeholder groups. At least two members of these groups would be elected to the Board and represent the different stakeholder issues and priorities. The FORUM is thus used as the tool to address issues between these groups, across the landscape.
  • The LWF/FORUM Secretariat
    The LWF Secretariat would change from an implementer of projects to a more supportive role to
    members. We would advocate and lobby for membership issues. We would catalyse and coordinate. We would provide technical guidance, and form a much more comprehensive clearing house of information for our landscape priorities. The Secretariat would provide a technical programme officer for each of these stakeholder groups, while also providing supporting services (admin and financial management) to each stakeholder group. Funds would be raised from members and donors to support these groups and their projects and programmes. The Secretariat would also provide monitoring, reporting, and accountability for donors and to membership. We would become a strong centre for conservation and sustainability.
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