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Calling On Pilots And Observers For This Year’s Aerial Survey

KWS and Partners are planning an aerial survey of the Great Ewaso Ng’iro ecosystem that lies in Kenya’s Mountain Region. They are seeking the support of volunteer pilots and observers to participate in this very important activity. Pilots and observers will be trained, fed, given overnight accommodation, and all participating aircraft will be fuelled. Training will be mandatory for both pilots and observers.

This year’s total count, generously funded by USAID – Kenya, will be focussing on elephants, buffaloes, Grevy’s Zebras, and giraffes. Numbers and location of cattle, shoats, bomas and settlements will be noted. The greater Meru National Park area will also be included in the count.

Dates: 19 – 30 November 2017 

Survey area: Laikipia – Samburu – Marasbit – Meru

A total survey is a time-consuming and demanding task, however, all information collated is vital, and supports the County government’s need to carry out regional planning and development based on accurate information that this type of survey provides. It is also important as it strengthens the baseline for monitoring and managing landscape health and integrity over future years.

Much of the survey will be based out of the Mpala Research Centre for the southern areas of the survey i.e. Samburu and Laikipia.

If you are interested in participating as a pilot (with a plane), or as an observer, please contact: John Gitonga on: john.gitonga@laikipia.org; Tel: 0726 500260

Past aerial surveys – both the last total count (2012) and the 2016 sample count for Laikipia, can be found here:

Total Count 2012 

2016 Sample Count

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Membership Categories

There are various categories to choose from including: Corporate memberships – Kifaru, Ndovu, Simba and Chui as well as memberships for individuals, families, schools, community based organisations and forest associations. All members receive a special sign up package, which differ across categories.

For more information contact LWF’s membership on 0726 500 260 or at membership@laikipia.org.


Like-ipa? We Love it!

You would be hard pressed to find a destination in East Africa quite like Laikipia! With its community tourism, high-end destination spots, popular venues, unique wildlife and the magic that the mountain brings – tourism here is undoubtedly one Kenya’s most treasured gems.

Visitors and Laikipians don’t just like the place…………..they love it! And now, the future of tourism in Laikipia looks a whole lot brighter! The Laikipia County Government and Laikipia Wildlife Forum (LWF) are now set to move forward on the final draft of the County’s Tourism Bill and 10 year Tourism Master Plan (2015 – 2025) that details strategic recommendations for the County Government as well as business and community partners that support Laikipia’s tourism sector. During a retreat in the Loldaiga Hills Ranch on Monday, May 11, the Laikipia County Tourism Task Force completed their last review of the Tourism Bill. They also took their first “bite” of the draft Tourism Master Plan, produced by LWF.

The Tourism Bill is the product of a draft legislation introduced by the County last year, and is the very first example of a County Tourism Bill in Kenya! LWF, together with the County Government conducted a set of consultations to better inform the public about the development of the bill. The latest draft includes this public input and is reflective of the dedication of the Tourism Task Force to see the bill implemented. The County Tourism Bill must now be approved by the County Executive Committee then to the County Assembly for reading. The Tourism Task Force and the County Government are confident that the bill will become law by the end of June. The Tourism Bill calls for the development of a Laikipia Tourism Master Plan. In anticipation of this provision, LWF has been working with County Government to draft a master plan that can be reviewed by the tourism industry, tourism actors in Laikipia, the business and investment community. The first draft of this Master Plan was reviewed by the Task Force this past Monday – and SUSTAINABLE TOURISM is the forefront.