The Disney Project Moves Forward in Mukogodo

ILMAMUSI Community Forest Association committe members listen in to LWF’s Head of Monitoring and Evaluation Margaret Wambua during the Disney Project planning meeting

Spring protection and settlement protection are at the top of the list of actions that the ILMAMUSI Mukogodo Community Forest Association will undertake starting in March 2018.

In a meeting hosted by ILMAMUSI Community Forest Association (CFA), the Project seeks to mitigate the occurrence and frequency of Human-Elephant Conflicts in the area.

The meeting was supported by the Laikipia Wildlife Forum, using funding recently received from world-renowned Disney Conservation Trust through the Wildlife Conservation Society.

ILMAMUSI encompasses four group ranches in Laikipia, (Il Ngwesi, Makurian, Mukogodo, and Sieku) was formed to oversee the protection, preservation and management of Mukogodo-a national forest reserve, as mandated by law.

Lontana Spring in Sieku group ranch would be protected first, owing to the number of people who benefit from it.

Arjiju Village, in Makurian group ranch, was proposed for solar fencing.

Committee members of ILMAMUSI Forest Association during the meeting where they agreed to move forward with Disney Project.

Three grazing committees will also be formed with support from the Project. These efforts will focus on improved livestock and better rangelands management.

Josei Saikui, a local resident,  said that the funding would reduce destruction of springs by elephants and contact between elephants and community members. These local-incidents that have become more frequent owing to the on-going dry season and land invasions.

The County Government of Laikipia, represented by Ward Administrator, Mr Tumpes Legei, expressed optimism with the upcoming project. Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) also pledged technical support in the implementation, particularly for solar fencing.

The first and second weeks of March 2018 will see individual group ranches to hold meetings for project awareness and selection of committees that would be responsible for the implementation stage.

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