Lives of Laikipia: Florence Syombua

Nanyuki town just wouldn’t be the same without all the curio shops lining the streets. Over and above the usual sandals and bracelets, there are artistic pieces unique to the region. When visiting any one of the shops, it is not uncommon meet artisans who have migrated from other parts of the country to settle in Laikipia.
Meet Florence Syombua:

” I moved to Laikipia a long time ago. I loved it immediately I got here and I did not find it hard to settle down. I make most of my jewelry, something a learnt to do when I was younger. I come from the Kamba tribe and some of my fellow artists ask why I do not make jewelry from there. My answer to them is simple – I love what I make! Sometimes I will combine designs from my tribe with those of others and I find that my work becomes even more beautiful. This is the way I make my living and I might as well love what I make right?”

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