Marathon Runners for Girls Education

The Ol Lentille Trust is committed to an educated Maasai and Samburu female population who will be the guardians of their lands

The Ol Lentille Trust (OLT) is a partnership with the Masai and Samburu communities surrounding Ol Lentille Mountain, the highest point in Laikipia, Kenya.

It is committed to ensuring that every child in the Laikipia and Isiolo area is registered in school and able to complete Primary and Secondary school. This means ending Female Genital Mutilation and the custom of child marriage that accompanies this illegal and dangerous rite of passage.

In support of these pledges, on April 24th OLT took part in a fundraising marathon. Supporters ran both full and half marathons in the UK- known as the Shakespeare Marathon- and others ran 21km and 10km in Kimanjo, Laikipia. The team was organised by Vincent Lelbukash and included Timothy Mosiany and OLT’s current half-marathon champion Beatrice Silanke.

OLT also runs workshops for mothers and community leaders, teaching them about the dangers of FGM and early marriage. It also promotes Alternative Rite of Passage Ceremonies for girls and their families so that young girls can continue with their education. Luckily, these alternative customs are being accepted by communities, and it is important to keep the momentum going to protect every single girl.

Donors are important to the success of the OLT’s work with young women. For the equivalent of 50 British Pounds, OLT can work with an at-risk girl’s family to prevent early marriage and register her in Primary Boarding School. The equivalent of 190 British Pounds pays for a whole year at Secondary boarding for one girl, keeping her safe and educated. If the trust reaches its funding target, they believe they can truly change the lives of 100 girls through a comprehensive education, health program, and Anti-FGM program. These girls will be able to complete school and live lives as strong women, giving back to their community

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