Ol Jogi Conservancy Opens a New Wildlife Corridor

As the world celebrated World Wildlife Day, Laikipia Wildlife Forum joined Ol Jogi Conservancy to commemorate the official opening of a wildlife corridor. This corridor will enable the free movement of wildlife from the Ol Jogi conservancy to neighboring conservancies and beyond. This free movement will enable the dispersal of animals to other areas with abundant food, especially during the dry season. Jamie Gaymer, the security Manager at Ol Jogi Conservancy, observed that since they completed the construction of the corridor “there has been zero movement of animals to community lands hence reducing human wildlife conflicts”. A resident in Kimandura, Mr Ole Tipipi, appreciated the presence of the corridor. “This new corridor actually helps to reduce cattle theft in the area too”, he declared. “We now find that cattle must pass through the gates specifically designed as part of the corridor, thus reducing general cattle movement along the road unimpeded!”

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The communities largely appreciated the joined efforts of Ol Jogi Conservancy and other partners for their contribution to conservation activities and promoting the community’s welfare.

The occasion was also attended by a delegation from residents of Laikipia West, keen to put up elephant proof fences with wildlife corridors along the Rumuruti forest.

LWF played an important role in bringing landowners together to finance this important wildlife corridor. Landowners from Enasoit, Lolldaiga Hills, and Ole Naishu contributed as well. EKN funds were used to facilitate the commemoration of World Wildlife Day activities, as part of their contribution to wildlife conservation and management in the Laikipia landscape.

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