Orchids of Lolldaiga Hills Ranch

The plant family Orchidaceae is geographically extensive, with representatives found in every country excepting a number of islands and Antarctica. Because of their vast ecological range and brilliantly diverse flowers, orchids are of special interest to botanists, plant collectors, and conservationists alike. To date, four species of epiphytic orchid have been located on Lolldaiga Hills Ranch. While three species have come into flower, allowing for their identification, one species is currently being observed and will be identified once it blooms. Based on the shape of its leaves, however, this species is probably Aerangis confusa. No species of terrestrial orchids have yet been found on Lolldaiga Hills Ranch.

Below are photographs of the three species that have been identified for Lolldaiga Hills Ranch.

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  1. Maria
    Maria says:

    Am I right in thinking these are phesnaat feathers? They remind me so much of my childhood, growing up as I did with my father’s obsession of breeding rare and endangered species of these birds. Nice collection. .and guinea fowl?


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