What we’ve learned from strategic planning

For more than 8 months, the LWF Secretariat has been listening hard to what people want, and what people need from LWF. More than 40 meetings have informed our assessment of LWF’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT). The results are positive and illuminating! Here is what emerged:

Different members have very different needs. It’s hard to imagine one organisation meeting all these needs.

  • Acknowledge these differences and give the most important stakeholders in our Mission and Vision a voice, and a platform to express their needs with more equal voices.
  • Help develop institutions that can represent members more equitably. One size does not fit all.
  • Focus on overlapping concerns between stakeholders. These are grass/ rangelands, wildlife, and water.
  • Improve our ability to advocate for productive land uses that support and result in all aspects of nature being conserved.
  • There are strong ‘neighbourhoods’ in Laikipia. These should be nurtured and supported.
  • We need more and stronger County Government engagement in our planning and programs.
  • Strengthen our local partnerships so that we don’t replicate activities and duplicate resources. This confuses members.

As a result of these meetings, many members have suggested a change of name for LWF. This comes from feelings that wildlife is not the focus of our efforts, but that wildlife conservation is the result of our efforts. For many members, there is still a weak connection between wildlife, wildlife conservation, and benefits.

Some have suggested calling LWF just the Laikipia Forum. Others have suggested the Laikipia Mazingira Forum, as this is a more representative name for our interests, mission, and vision. That name change is up to the membership.

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