Wishes for Peace and A Bright Future Ahead!


Seasons Greetings – Wishes for Peace and A Bright Future Ahead!

As the year draws to an end, the LWF secretariat would like to take this opportunity to thank the LWF Membership, its partners and friends for their unwavering support and engagement throughout the year.

2016 was without a doubt full of challenges. Our rivers have dried too frequently. Our grass supports unsustainable numbers of outside livestock. We have lost property and lives to wildlife and aggression. Our wildlife is forced into smaller and smaller territories, increasing human-wildlife conflicts. Our County residents and our visiting neighbours struggle to find ways of living together in harmony and mutual respect. However, through these challenges, we have have been able to realise key milestones some of which are as follows:

  • LWF’s Strategic Plan: LWF has enjoyed the support of donor funding for more than 15 years. Our traditional sources of donor support came to an end in June 2016. We were forced to re-examine the way we implement programmes and support the initiatives of members. Our new efforts focus on a return to “FORUMNESS” – a platform in which residents of Laikipia and membership can come together to discuss issues of common natural resources management, peace, and livelihoods. We help the results of each forum with advocacy, lobbying, fundraising, information sharing, and access to Government. Many of our new goals are now being achieved through public-private-partnerships.
  • Water Resources Management: The launch of the Mount Kenya Ewaso Water Partnership (MKEWP) in October 2016 marked a big win for water resources management in the Upper Ewaso Ng’iro North Catchment area.MKEWP is a commitment of 29 partners from Water Resource Users Associations, Community Forest Associations, Laikipia, Meru and Nyeri County Governments, civil society, private sector (commercial growers), parastatals, research institutions, conservancies and water service providers. Our preliminary efforts are supported by the International Finance Corporation – a member of the World Bank, and the Water Resources Group 2030. For more information visit www.laikipia.org/MKEWP.
  • Conservation Education: The formation of the Laikipia Association of Conservation Educators (LACE) has already seen the coming together of conservancies and organisations. The Association will help to coordinate the development and delivery of improved conservation education in the County and with our neighbours.

“WildClass is the new brand name for conservation education enterprise among participating conservancies in Laikipia. WildClass  is a new model for conservation learning in Laikipia. Using conservation education as an enterprise, a land use, and a business model, it promotes another form of sustainable land use and subsidises the conservation learning of local students.

Both LACE and WildClass are set to execute major activities in the first quarter of 2017.”

  • Tourism: Despite the withdrawal of donor funds some years ago, LWF members supported the development of County tourism legislation and a 10 year County Tourism master plan. We are on-track to develop a new Laikipia Tourism Association (LTA), which can lead the private sector dialogue with County and National authorities. LWF is set to host the secretariat for the LTA, help with fundraising, and ensure that the best of our tourism marketing, branding and promotion efforts are not lost.
  • Wildlife Conservation and Management: Our new efforts help the County’s Wildlife Conservation and Compensation Committee to take up their new role in devolved wildlife conservation. The new Committee has already met on compensation issues in the County, and payment for loss of life is expected before the end of this year.

“More importantly, the new Committee has responsibilities for wildlife use rights, conservancy oversight, and human wildlife conflict. We work with them to ensure their success as a model Committee in a model County.”

  • Growing membership: We continue to build our membership through these new stakeholder initiativesYour membership subscription helps us leverage local and international funding. Our work is a reflection of the voice from the membership. Your participation makes us a stronger organisation.

These are just but a few highlights of the work we have accomplished – together! It is truly a reflection of not only the resilience of the Forum, but the importance we place on the collective management of our natural resources.
We look forward to supporting you in 2017! Our warmest wishes to you for peace, prosperity, and harmony over this holiday, and long into the New Year.

Please note our offices will be closed from the 19th of December 2016. We will reopen on the 3rd of January. During this time should you need to contact us please send an e-mail to peter.hetz@laikipia.org or joan.wandegi@laikipia.org, and we will assist you as best we can.

Warmest Regards,

LWF Secretariat