Valuing Land in Eastern Africa

You may be interested in a new edition of the journal ‘Critical African Studies’ on ‘Valuing Land in Eastern Africa’ . Attach is link to the journal:
The special issue includes the local impacts of the Lake Turkana Wind Power Project in Marsabit County, Kenya.
The abstract:
“Lake Turkana Wind Power, situated on the eastern shores of Lake Turkana in northern Kenya, is currently the largest wind-power project in Africa and the biggest private investment in Kenyan history. While this project enjoys strong support from the Kenyan government, at the local level it has unfolded amid considerable controversy and has been accompanied by accusations of land-grabbing, corporate negligence and infringement of indigenous and customary land rights. This article examines the local effects of the Lake Turkana Wind Power’s construction.
It explores how the value of land has been transformed by the wind farm and the effects this has had on local social relationships, territoriality and connections to place. The large-scale, rapid privatization of land and infrastructure development has produced a variety of apparently contradictory effects; local people simultaneously seek to access ‘benefits’ from the project and experience new forms of exclusion.
This is particularly clear in disputes over the distribution of employment and corporate social investment. A notable consequence has been increasingly exclusive claims to land and interpretations of local history, as new values ascribed to the land have generated new feelings of entitlement and raised expectations of ‘development’. These contestations reveal that the value of land is about more than the material resource itself. It rests on what other privileges can be accessed through claims to place and belonging.”