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Combating Human Elephant Conflict in Mukogodo Forest

The Wildlife Conservation Society/Disney Foundation has been supporting ILMAMUSI CFA through the Laikipia Wildlife Forum for the last 3 years to reduce human elephant conflict within and around Mukogodo Forest. The efforts center around solar powered fencing, support to development of grazing plans, and spring protection. Springs are often where people and wildlife meet and […]


Making Sense of the New Mukogodo

A series of three meetings have worked to re-establish the representation and compliance of ILMAMUSI CFA with the laws governing national forests and resources in the Country. There are three major and important results coming out of these meetings. KFS has been importantly engaged in the re-establishment of the CFA and is committed to its […]


Who Gets to Use the Resources of Mukogodo Forest?

ERROR – We apologize for the omission of Northern Rangeland Trust in our partnership round-up.  As Laikipia Forum, we strongly believe in the values of partnerships as a pillar in our all programs. Partnership has the real value to influence change and improve livelihoods for the communities and people that we serve across this landscape. […]


Partnerships For Sustainable Conservation Mukogodo Forest

The importance of engaging local communities in conservation is intensified during this time of climate change. Resilience and mitigation strategies to address the impacts of unprecedented weather and natural disasters – for both people and wildlife – will require collaborations at the landscape level and beyond (Lichtenfeld, Naro and Snowden, 2019). Ilmamusi Mukogodo Forest Association […]


Ilmamusi Mukogodo Community Forest Association Growing Stronger!

On May 15th 2020, Ilmamusi hosted a team of Kenya Forest Service senior officials that included the Chairperson of KFS, Mr. Peter Kinyua; Chief Conservator of Forests in Kenya, Mr. Julius Kamau; and Ecosystem Conservator, Mr. Samuel Mukundi, among others. The team, along with FAO representatives met at Nadungoro area of Mukogodo Forest. Ilmamusi was […]


Mukogodo Forest: Making Strides Towards Management of Laikipia’s Biggest Forest Reserve The ILMAMUSI Mukogodo Community Forest Association (CFA)

ILMAMUSI CFA was a pioneer in 2008 when it developed one of the first CFA constitutions for the newly recognized mandates of forest associations in Kenya. Since that time, new Acts of government for natural resources management and governance have been developed, the most impactful being the Kenya Forest Service Act 2016. Twelve years later, […]


Mukogodo Forest – A Key Feature in Our Rangelands

Mukogodo Forest is the last most intact dry land forest in Laikipia. At about 74,000 acres, it rivals the combined size of Borana and Lewa Conservancies (93,000 acres) – some of its closest neighbors. It is an important dry season grazing reserve and lies on an important historical elephants’ migration route between the Northern Rangelands […]


Conservation Progress in Mukogodo Forest

Thomas Sakui Lekurruki Rangeland Coordinator presents wet season grazing plan for Lekkuruki Conservancy to the workshop attendants from Makurian, Il Ngwesi and Lekurruki. Conservation and the protection of life and livelihoods took steps forward over the last month. A workshop at Loragai Community Forest Association (CFA) Offices in the beginning of May discussed the progress […]


Demarcation for the Solar-powered Fence in Mukogodo – a Step Closer to Mitigation of Human-Elephant Conflict

Community members in Arjiju Village, in Mukogodo forest, met to discuss the fencing of a 2.75 Km2 area. They were joined by Laikipia Wildlife (LWF), Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) and Borana Conservancy who are partners in the implementation of the ILMAMUSI Disney Conservation funded project. The ILMAMUSI Disney Conservation Fund Project, implemented through Laikipia Wildlife […]