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Locust Invasion In Kenya On the Decrease?

The desert locust infestation could be coming under control now. According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation , Kenya has beaten the locust upsurge, at least for now. FAO, however, warns that more people in Kenya and the region will be food insecure due to the damage caused by the locusts on food, as well […]


Laikipia Locust Update

Kenya is experiencing its worst locust invasion for 70 years. The World Bank warns that regional locust swarms could swell current numbers 400-fold by June, causing livestock-related costs and damages of $8.5bn by the end of 2020. Pastoralists in Ethiopia, Sudan and Kenya will be worst hit. The northern Rift Valley has been particularly hard hit, with a new generation of locusts […]


The Locust Invasion Persists

Locusts: “A swarm of just more than a third of a square mile can eat the same amount of food in one day as 35,000 people”  The UN has warned that the devastation at the beginning of the year that occurred in more than 20 counties in Kenya – where over 70,000 hectares of vegetation […]



Swarming locusts are famous for their destructive potential. Currently, locust outbreaks in East Africa are threatening the livelihoods of hundreds of farmers and their families. For instance, a recent swarm in Kenya consumed more than 2,000 tons of food. Despite the fact that pest management authorities are faced with a well-known, ancient plague, it seems that current measures are […]


Tourism, Wildlife Conservation and Covid 19

Tourism has become one of the country’s biggest Corona Virus victims. It has exhibited all the symptoms – shortness of breath, fatigue, fevered calls for help, and a high temperature of anxiety about the future. We are all scrambling, trying to figure out ways to maintain this sector, and in Laikipia, in particular, we are […]