Borana is located at the foot of Mt Kenya just North of the equator, resting on the Laikipia Plateau. The Conservancy is nestled between an arid landscape to the north and ancient indigenous forests to the south. This 32,000-acre conservation area is home to both Black and White Rhino and a wide variety of other endangered species. We are a non-profit conservation organisation dedicated to the sustainable conservation of wildlife, habitat and building local livelihoods.

In 2013, a founding population of 21 Black Rhino were introduced to Borana Conservancy. Once they were settled and had established their territories, the fence between Borana and neighbouring Lewa Wildlife Conservancy was dropped forming one continuous landscape. This ecosystem, known as the Lewa-Borana Landscape, allows the wildlife free rein over 90,000 acres of intact African wilderness.

Borana Conservancy Mission: Our mission, in partnership with our neighbouring communities is to provide a sustainable ecosystem for critically endangered species, including black rhino, elephant, lion, reticulated giraffe and Grevy’s zebra. Our holistic approach commits tourism, livestock and other commercial enterprises to building local livelihoods and enhancing ecosystem integrity. The Borana Mobile Clinic has been in operation since 2005 treating on average 700 patients a month and the Borana Education Support Progamme has provided over 400 scholarships since 2009.