After a mountain climb of Mt. Kenya in 1972, Peter started his working career in Kenya in 1977 with the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife as a research fellow and also assisted the Wildlife Clubs of Kenya establish the Baharini Wildlife Conservation Education Center.

He remained in Kenya teaching at the University of Nairobi and served as the Director of the St. Lawrence University Kenya Semester Program. He also taught natural resources management at Makerere University, and the Institute of Resource Assessment in Dar es Salaam. He’s worked with the African Wildlife Foundation and later join CARE International as a regional advisor on integrated conservation and development programming and rural extension services that supported those programmes.

Between 1990 and 1995 Peter was an advisor to Tanzania National Parks.

Since leaving Africa in 1995, Peter has been based in Vermont, USA for the international development consulting firm, ARD.  He led their environmental and natural resources portfolio, established their land tenure program, and for the last 7 years has served as Vice President supervising the company’s programs in Agriculture, Water, Land, Natural Resources, and Governance. He’s led partnerships with many international conservation and development organizations, and managed client contacts foe USAID, DFID, the EU, World Bank/IFC, and the Asian Development Bank.

Peter returns to Kenya with enthusiasm. LWF represents the culmination of his professional and personal commitment to sustainable land use, natural resources management, and wildlife conservation. The LWF membership model represents the height of citizen engagement in a common natural resources management and conservation agenda.  The Forum is fast becoming a national and international leader in sustainable land use, and Peter is keen to join a team and membership that have pledged themselves in service to Forum goals.