The Rhino Revival Fund – How is your donation used?

  1. Rhino Territory Expansion – Our first priority is to examine in detail the social, ecological, biological, and economic opportunities for rhino expansion in the greater Laikipia Landscape. This detailed feasibility study will outline the practical challenges and opportunities for rhino habitat expansion on private and community lands in Laikipia.
  1. Rangers and Security – Our second priority is the people who bear the major responsibility for rhino protection – the men and women forming the rhino ranger force. Funds are used to support the recruitment, equipment, training, housing and leadership of this important group throughout the rhino landscape.
  1. Ranger and Community Welfare – Our third priority supports the welfare of ranger families and communities. It takes a village to ensure successful rhino conservation; and part of your funding supports the health, education, financial security, and infrastructure so necessary to ranger families and communities living alongside wildlife.
  1. Fundraising – Your donation helps us leverage other funding from private and international donor sources. A small percentage of your support allows us to fundraise to complement your contributions.
  1. Advocacy – an important part of our work engages county, national and international agencies in wildlife conservation and the determination of incentives and benefits for conservation on private lands.

Our Fundraising Goal is $500,000 USD over the next two years.

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