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A Big Boost for Ngusishi WRUA

Ngusishi WRUA has continuously demonstrated the viability of the WRUA concept. The good relationship between the community, stakeholders and the government has enabled the WRUA get help for water development projects.

In February 2020, with the assistance of the Mount Kenya Ewaso Water Partnership (MKEWP), Ngusishi WRUA was introduced to a funding competition sponsored by Davis and Shirtliff that targeted funding for 23 water-related projects across the country.

The WRUA was able to seize this opportunity to help their members. They did a proposal to refurbish an existing borehole called the Mt. Kenya Borehole and successfully secured ksh 1.1 million from the Company.

Mr. Mureithi Muthuri ,the Chair of Ngusishi WRUA, was elated as he shared how they were able to secure funds from Davis and Shirtliff to refurbish the Mt. Kenya Borehole.

Mr. Murithi stated that, “One of the reasons why the WRUA continues to be the best in the country, and in the region, is its well-structured governance and outreach policies. These give priority to the vulnerable members and Institutions within the catchment. Securing this funding is a great milestone for my WRUA especially in the midst of this COVID 19 crisis.

Once the project is complete people will be able to get water very easily and maintain good hygiene that will help kick the Corona  virus out of the area. The County Government of Meru has accepted to top-up the remaining balance and soon we will be launching the project. MKEWP has been of great assistance, and we would be honored to have them attend the Project launch.”

The newly operational borehole will support 300 registered members and a potential of over 1000 beneficiaries. The award will fund solar panels at this borehole.

Mr. George, from Davis and Shirtliff, Meru County, highlighted that “Ngusishi WRUA approached their office branch in Meru asking for help to refurbish the borehole at Buuri. We assessed the borehole and saw the massive community impact it has. The borehole serves more than a thousand people and has the capacity to impact the economy and livelihoods of the people in that area.

The original Project was originally powered by Kenya Power and accrued huge bills that were burdensome to the community. The WRUA requested our help to install solar pumps and applied for a Davis and Shirtliff grant offered through our competition. We could only fund this project with 28% of the costs. The WRUA will have to cater for the remaining 72% of the total costs.

“It was impressive to see the massive effort the WRUA exerted in approaching various donors to leverage the extra funds. They approached the Deputy Governor of Meru, the Buuri Member of Parliament, and neighboring flower farms. Luckily the County Government of Meru has promised to fund them, and once all the arrangements are complete, the project will be launched,” added Mr. George.

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