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Who We Are

LWF is a dynamic, membership driven organisation located 1.2km from Nanyuki town. Members’ subscription to the Forum is a vital vehicle in the realisation of the goals and aspirations of small holders, community groups, conservancies and large land owners focused on integrated natural resources management. We serve youth groups and schools in an effort to inform future generations about the values of sustainable land use and management.

Served by a secretariat based in Nanyuki, the Forum has alternately played an advocacy and policy advisory role and an implementation role for Laikipian citizens, non-profit organisations and local government. The Forum has greatly benefitted from the support of international donors that have helped support programmed activities. In 2016, LWF re-evaluated its operations in order to strengthen its operations and design a strategic plan that would greatly focus on the Forum’s membership and governance over the next 15 years. LWF’s programming Themes and Goals are as follows:

Founded in 1992 over a common set of natural resource management issues, the Forum has grown to include 20,000 members. Many of them belong to community natural resources management groups such as Community Forest Associations, Water Resource User Associations, Wildlife Clubs and Conservancies of group ranches. Our model is effective because we believe that security of tenure and property rights, defended under the law, is a cornerstone of sustainable and wise land use. We work to bring sound technical solutions to common land use and conservation challenges, and we aim to link public and private services and funding to Laikipian needs, both internally and with our neighbours.

A communications department; a monitoring and evaluation department; as well as finance and administrative services support these programming areas. A Board of Directors, as well as voices of our membership guides us.

In this challenging environment, we are working closely with the newly devolved Laikipia County Government to maximise the impacts of our resources. We are teamed with private land owners and communities to develop solutions to persistent challenges facing water, forests, energy, pasture and wildlife management. We regularly seek partnerships with others interested in using this membership model as a way to realise natural resource conservation and sustainable development. LWF is and will continue to be a vital player in the future of the Laikipia landscape.

Where We Work


Laikipia Wildlife Forum Offices

We are located off the Nanyuki – Timau road approximately 1.2km from Nanyuki town – just behind the Nanyuki Sports Club Rugby pitch and adjacent to the BATUK/ASK Showground

Our Mission

To nurture and support stakeholder institutions that can champion wildlife conservation and sustainable natural resources management in Laikipia and among its neighbours.

Our Vision

A productive, healthy, robust Ewaso landscape that supports livelihoods and healthy populations of wildlife.

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