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The Great Northern Kenya Wildlife Count 2017

Kenya will get another boost in its efforts to conserve wildlife when KWS leads a total count of elephants, buffaloes, Grevy’s Zebras and Reticulated Giraffe in the greater northern landscape of Kenya. This year’s count will focus on these four charismatic and endangered species in an effort to establish their total numbers. From November 19th […]

CIDP County Engagement Begins This Month

On August 25th, the Steering Committee Members of the 5-County CIDP Improvement effort mapped out the next four to five months of engagement with the County Governments of Marsabit, Isiolo, Laikipia, Samburu and Baringo. The effort is led by LWF, with the help of the FAO Community Land Project, the Mpala Research Centre, the Northern […]

Bring Black Back

Charity Ball for Laikipia’s Black Rhino Renaissance The Laikipia Wildlife Forum, together with Dance Savoir Faire, and Dancesport Kenya are offering a ball and safari weekend that combines a unique dance opportunity with support for rhino conservation in the Laikipia landscape. The ball is set to take place on the 28th of October at Kongoni […]

The Laikipia Rabies Vaccination Campaign Needs Your Help

In Kenya, the majority of annual rabies-related deaths occur where vaccination programs are limited or non-existent, and where low income communities reside. The Laikipia Rabies Vaccination Campaign (LRVC) begun in 2015 by the Mpala Research Centre in order to provide real-time health benefits for these vulnerable communities, as well as domestic animals and wildlife. Last […]

Do you Have What It Takes?

  Calling On Pilots And Observers For This Year’s Aerial Survey KWS and Partners are planning an aerial survey of the Great Ewaso Ng’iro ecosystem that lies in Kenya’s Mountain Region. They are seeking the support of volunteer pilots and observers to participate in this very important activity. Pilots and observers will be trained, fed, given […]

Conservation: Cutting Across Generations

Just how different is the opinion about Rhino conservation between an elder and young lady living in Il Ingwesi community? LWF recently met Mzee Lesaila Kirobi (MLK) and Fiona Saman, a recent high school graduate to find out….   LWF: What does Rhino conservation mean to you Mzee Kirobi? MLK: I have lived in this […]

Important Updates From MKEWP

Burguret WRUA Holds Successful Elections We would like to congratulate Burguret Water Resource Users Association (BWRUA) who recently successfully conducted their elections. Mr. Stephen Mbau has been elected chairman, saying that he looks forward to leading the WRUA in spearheading the following objectives: Promoting legal water abstractions. Creating a forum for conflict resolution. Promoting dialogue […]

The Elephant Man Does It Again

      When Jim Justus Nyamu, a-k-a the “Elephant Man”, walked into the LWF offices over 5 years ago claiming that he had grand plans to walk from Nairobi to Marsabit in support of Elephant conservation, intrigue quickly merged with some scepticism. But LWF’s membership believed in this ambitious cause from the very beginning […]

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling – Keep Those Rivers Flowing

The National Drought Management Authority has made public that we are about to face the worst drought since 2009/2010 stating, “the damages and losses as a result of the drought will be unprecedented”. This is in response to the current drought situation. Various sectors have been encouraged to come up with interventions to mitigate the […]