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Demarcation for the Solar-powered Fence in Mukogodo – a Step Closer to Mitigation of Human-Elephant Conflict

Community members in Arjiju Village, in Mukogodo forest, met to discuss the fencing of a 2.75 Km2 area. They were joined by Laikipia Wildlife (LWF), Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) and Borana Conservancy who are partners in the implementation of the ILMAMUSI Disney Conservation funded project. The ILMAMUSI Disney Conservation Fund Project, implemented through Laikipia Wildlife […]


KWCA, Conservancies and Conservation

There are 160 conservancies now registered with KWCA in the country. They cover 11% of Kenya’s land mass or about 6.36 million acres. There are 12 conservancies registered with the KWCA in Laikipia – Laikipia Nature Conservancy, Ol Pejeta, Ol Jogi, Loisaba, Sosian, Lewa/Borana, Ngare Ndare, Il Ngwesi, Naibunga, Lekkuruki, Mugie and Sangare. 76 of […]


Disney Has a New Feature Project in the Mukogodo!

Community members from the Makurian, Il Ngwesi and Sieku group ranches, with support from Laikipia Wildlife Forum, held independent meetings in March. The purpose of the meetings was to introduce the Disney Project funding that supports the reduction of Human-Elephant Conflict in the area of the Mukogodo Forest. The Disney Project puts rangelands improvement, spring […]

MKEWP Updates

Mount Kenya Ewaso Water Partnership (MKEWP) Council adopts its Financial Sustainability Plan (FSP)   In a meeting held on the 13th of March 2018, the MKEWP Council unanimously agreed to pass the FSP which is key to the implementation of the Partnership’s strategic plan over the next five years. The adoption of the Financial Sustainability […]

The Disney Project Moves Forward in Mukogodo

Spring protection and settlement protection are at the top of the list of actions that the ILMAMUSI Mukogodo Community Forest Association will undertake starting in March 2018. In a meeting hosted by ILMAMUSI Community Forest Association (CFA), the Project seeks to mitigate the occurrence and frequency of Human-Elephant Conflicts in the area. The meeting was […]

The Future Looks Bright For Laikipia’s Tourism

  Caption: (LtoR) Kevin Ouma (photographer, PROKRAFT), Timothy Wachira (photographer, PROKRAFT), Marion Mithamo (writer/blogger), Mwangi Kirubi aka Mwarv (photographer, PROKRAFT), Paul Kimiri (Tourism Officer, Laikipia County Government) and John King’ori (Laikipia Tourism Association Secretary) at Rumuruti Forest during the content creation exercise for the LTA and Destination Laikipia  The Laikipia tourism industry dreams of a […]

MKEWP Updates

Fauna & Flora International, Ol Pejeta Conservancy(OPC), Mount Kenya – Ewaso Water Partnership – MKEWP and the Laikipia Wildlife Forum (Secretariat to MKEWP) in Septemeber 2017 officially met with representatives from local communities set to benefit from the Cattle, Water & Wildlife: Enhancing Socio-Ecological Resilience in Laikipia Project. We have a Strategic Plan! We are happy to announce that the […]