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Mukogodo Forest: Making Strides Towards Management of Laikipia’s Biggest Forest Reserve The ILMAMUSI Mukogodo Community Forest Association (CFA)

ILMAMUSI CFA was a pioneer in 2008 when it developed one of the first CFA constitutions for the newly recognized mandates of forest associations in Kenya. Since that time, new Acts of government for natural resources management and governance have been developed, the most impactful being the Kenya Forest Service Act 2016. Twelve years later, […]


New Large Mammal for the Laikipia Plateau

On 14 January 2020, I photographed two adult male desert warthogs on the western boundary of Suyian Ranch, central north Laikipia County. The animals in my photographs are desert warthogs, which were confirmed by Yvonne de Jong, Jean-Pierre d’Huart, and Tom Butynski, two of them well-known for their ecology research in Laikipia. This hog is […]

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Sharing Knowledge and Experience : Mutara and Suguroi WRUAs Visit a “Best Practice”

Mutara and Suguroi WRUAs both drain into the Mutara Conservation Area in Laikipia County. They share challenges including water scarcity, financial sustainability, and water use conflicts between upstream and downstream users, riparian degradation, and lack of adequate community support. 36 members of Mutara and Suguroi Water Resource User Associations (WRUAs) made a visit to Lake […]



Swarming locusts are famous for their destructive potential. Currently, locust outbreaks in East Africa are threatening the livelihoods of hundreds of farmers and their families. For instance, a recent swarm in Kenya consumed more than 2,000 tons of food. Despite the fact that pest management authorities are faced with a well-known, ancient plague, it seems that current measures are […]


Laikipia Smallholder Farmers : What’s Holding Them Back?

Agriculture contributes significantly to Laikipia’s economy. It is also the largest employer, with smallholder farmers making up almost two-thirds of our agricultural sector. They also play an important role in aspects of sustainable development. This includes being a bulwark against hunger and poverty in rural areas. Yet the majority still struggle to access affordable financial […]

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Stories of Change : Community Voices on the Impact of the Laikipia Cattle, Water and Wildlife Project

Lots of projects get “done”, but who is interested in impacts? From 25th to 30th January 2020, Fauna and Flora International (FFI), Ol Pejeta Conservancy (OPC) & Laikipia Forum joined community groups within the Mutara and Suguroi river sub-catchments to learn about their experiences, perspectives and results from their participation in the Laikipia Cattle, Water […]

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Biking and Hiking for Rhino Conservation

What makes for an appealing safari and fundraiser these days? It appears that a bike and hike combination, dedicated to conservation and outdoor adventure works wonders! Between February 1st and 12th, 8 adventure clients from the USA joined the Adventure for Rhinos safari- a multi-sport adventure dedicated to rhino conservation in the Laikipia landscape. Starting […]

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Promoting Livelihoods in Laikipia Neighborhoods Through Cattle Fattening and Sale : The Oramat Lenaboisho Cooperative Society Story

Laikipia North is a pastoralist-populated landscape with marginal rains. Most of the soils are not as rich in nutrients as their black cotton cousins. The Maa-speaking people of this landscape have a strong and historical connection to these lands. But their traditional movements are curtailed by more modern land use and property boundaries. Climate change […]


Engaging Youth on IWRM Integrated Water Resources Management : MKEWP Hosts University of Eldoret Students

The Mount Kenya Ewaso Water Partnership hosted students from the University of Eldoret, on the 6th of February 2020. During their visit, more than 100 students were given an intro to career issues in natural resources management, with a particular focus on IWRM. The visit provided students with a chance to explore the effects of […]