Bee hives raided – Suyian Soul – September 2015

10th Sept. 15 –   Two beehives were raided along the river close to Suyian Soul camp. The tracks were discovered too late to follow up.
11th Sept. 15  –  Scouts went to track the previous night’s theft and found that 6 hives had been raided during the night. I was away but called Tom from Loisaba, who kindly allowed us to use Loisaba tracker dogs. The dogs plus Suyian Ranch scouts, Mpala security, Luisa security plus two vehicles followed the tracks onto Mpala Ranch straight along the main ranch road to the Uaso and across the river to the first Manyatta belonging to Lemanyas.
The tracker dogs stopped at this manyatta  and would not go on. The elders agreed the tracks had come onto the community land.
13th – Anne returns in the afternoon and collects Chief Narumbe, to go to Uaso and have a meeting with the elders and Chief Kididing. The elders and Chiefs all agreed that 3 tracks were found in the community. They requested 3 days to try to find the thieves and agreed that even if they do not find the thieves that the community would pay a fine for the damage of 8 beehives from Suyian Soul.
The next meeting will be on Friday 18th  with both chiefs and all the elders.
The traditional fine for stealing honey from a beehive is one cow per hive. We are hoping to get one cow per hive!?
PS – All  neighbours extremely helpful including:  Mpala, Loisaba, Lorok (Luisa).
By Anne Powys


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