Bicycle-Powered Cinema Comes to Laikipia


Students from Ol Jogi Primary perform a skit on saving Kenya’s Rhinos

Over the last three weeks a team of young filmmakers, in partnership with LWF, have been traveling through the rhino conservancies of Laikipia with the aim of producing a film about rhino and wildlife conservation. The primary narrative of the film stems from conservancy employees who tell their story about why their jobs are important, rewarding, and meaningful for wildlife conservation.

With the support of Borana, Il Ngwesi, Ol Pejeta and Ol Jogi Conservancies, the team talked to rangers, ranch workers, extension staff and the local youth about conservation and what it means to them. Laikipia is perhaps most famous for its conservation of rhinos more than any other species, and all participants were keen to talk about the benefits this tremendous commitment to rhino conservation means for communities, for the county and for Kenya.

Given the richness of content, LWF and StandupforNature will make two films – (1) community rhino conservation, rangelands management and possible expansion of rhino conservation efforts; and (2) why conservation education can make a difference to our local conservation success.

StandupforNature filmmakers Hannah Pollock and Jamie Unwin have embarked on a major effort to win the hearts and minds for those passionate about wildlife conservation. Their work in Kenya includes the Maasai Mara Wildlife Conservancies Association, the conservancies of the Magadi basin, and Laikipia. They will return to show the films that have been made at the beginning of March 2018. They will also return to conservancies and their neighbours to showcase their productions featuring the faces, action, wildlife, and voices recorded in January. And for each show, the films will be shown using a bicycle-powered projector and sound system.

Stay tuned for venues and times to catch their bike-powered cinema premiers.




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