Call for Applications: SEED Awards 2015

Is your enterprise in a start-up phase and does it integrate social and environmental benefits, solving pressing local issues? Is it women-led? Do you need support to help to establish and grow your enterprise?

If these questions apply to you, you will be pleased to hear that SEED has opened the Call for Applications for the 2015 SEED Awards.

SEED welcomes innovative ideas from any enterprise in a developing country or country in transition, which is working in partnership with others to generate economic, environmental and social benefits. SEED’s independent international jury of experts selects Award Winners, those enterprises that have the greatest promise of making substantial improvements in poverty eradication and environmental sustainability while contributing to a greener economy.

This is a great opportunity for women-led start up enterprises whose activities integrate social and environment benefits. Such enterprises and are members of LWF stand to benefit as LWF will give them technical support in drafting this proposal in the areas of: -pre-assessment/assessment studies, proposal and budget development and review. If you are interested get more information on link below, and if your group meets the threshold required contact the Conservation Enterprise Program Officer via e-mail

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