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Combating Human Elephant Conflict in Mukogodo Forest

ILMAMUSI Rangers and community members learn about digital camera traps before installation

The Wildlife Conservation Society/Disney Foundation has been supporting ILMAMUSI CFA through the Laikipia Wildlife Forum for the last 3 years to reduce human elephant conflict within and around Mukogodo Forest.

The efforts center around solar powered fencing, support to development of grazing plans, and spring protection. Springs are often where people and wildlife meet and mix, often to the disadvantage of each.

In 2019 a spring protection project was completed in Sieku Location, Nandungoro area. Loontana spring had previously been an area of Human-Elephant Conflicts because it is a major source of water for domestic, livestock and wildlife use, particularly during the dry season.

Community members have reported several cases of elephants at the dedicated livestock/wildlife drinking area. Camera traps are now being used to monitor use of the springs and water access points.

The camera traps will supplement information being collected by ILMAMUSI CFA rangers and the Loontana water committee on wildlife sightings, the frequency of wildlife use of the spring and potential conflicts.

Night image of Hyenas at the water point as captured by the camera trap

Installation of the camera traps requires community engagement. Community members were sensitized on wildlife monitoring using camera traps, and to help in making sure the camera traps are secure. Five Loontana spring water committee members and three ILMAMUSI CFA rangers were involved in the training and operation of the camera traps.

45 households of Nandungoro village (some 300 people) in the Mukogodo Forest, rely on water from Loontana spring for domestic and livestock use. Disney has supported the project that pumps water from the spring site to a community water point where household water collectors are separated from potential conflicts with wildlife.

This initiative is supported by

and implemented by Laikipia Forum with the  support of



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