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Covid Continues To Take A Bite Out Of Tourism

We are not doing well in the Laikipia landscape when it comes to tourism. The drop-off in revenue supporting lodges, tented camps, hotels, and eateries is close to 90% across the board.

More importantly the drop in revenue has resulted in less monies for conservation, fewer employees, and significant loss of funds for social services and community projects.

Some facilities have closed until the New Year, 2021, when both a vaccine and tourists are expected to appear.

 After President Kenyatta ended he Nairobi lockdown on July 6, our Covid cases went from 2 to 37. People were rushing back to less populated areas, either returning home, or escaping the city. Laikipia is a logical destination for fresh air, open spaces, and some social freedom.

LTA members’ conservancies like El Karama, Mugie, Ol Pejeta, Le Rustique, Lions Court, Sportsmans Arms,  African Ascents, and Rift Valley Adventures, have done a great job preparing themselves and the public for visits.

The process for opening our hospitality services has been challenging. The sector requires Covid tests for employees, health certificates, and a health inspection by County authorities. Only then can a facility be safely and officially open.

Protection of guests is paramount, and so temperature taking, social distancing, masks, and handwashing are mandatory. But protection of staff is equally important, and we sometimes forget that the hospitality industry is as much about client satisfaction as it is about staff health and safety.

In doubt about opening up, operations with Covid rules, or how to access the new stimulus package of County guaranteed loans?

Please contact the LTA at tourismlaikipia@laikipia.org for help and information.  Need a list of approved facilities, see here.

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