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EMU-SACCO The Solution for Small-Holder Farmers in Ewaso “We must be the change we wish to see in the world”

Ewaso Maji Users (EMU) SACCO’s recent engagement with the chairpersons of the Water Resource Users Association (WRUAs) has cemented the role that the Savings Corporation can play in the community.  30 WRUAs were represented in the meeting. This access will give the SACCO access to about 4,000 small holder farmers in the region. The SACCO comes in as a focused and sustainable means of entrenching a water harvesting culture in our people.

For years we have taken the water resources around us for granted. We have misused our rivers without taking into consideration the grave impact we have on our environment and the impact we will have on our future generations.

The SACCO is starting at the grassroots, at the household, right at the farmer’s doorstep. This is our sure strategy to ensure a bottom-up approach that will multiply membership and enhance adoption of water-saving techniques and technology.  There is a great re-awakening among the wananchi in our country today – that is absolutely necessary for us to pick ourselves up and become the drivers of change.

EMU-SACCO is not just promoting water harvesting and storage;  it is also promoting efficient use of water through appropriate irrigation technologies that will ensure greater resilience and livelihood security, free from dependence on the ever changing rainfall patterns that have proven to be totally undependable.

The SACCO achieves this goal through a one-of-a-kind loan system, where the farmer gives us a proposal of what they need in their farm in terms of water infrastructure. For example, if one requests for a water pan and drip system costing about Ksh.150,000 we link them with companies that will give us a subsidized price for the technology and work, and they will install the system on our member’s farm. They use the proceeds from the improved agricultural production to pay back the loan.

It’s time we all take charge of our future and be kind to mother nature . This is a first step the help her forgive our environmental sins and take us back to the natural balance we need for our survival.

With a registration fee of Ksh.1000, share capital of Ksh.2,000, and a savings account of Ksh.5,000 and above, you can become our member and join in this great cause.

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