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EMU-SACCO – Two Years In. What’s New?

Peter Mwithimbu, the treasurer of EMU SACCO, shares the treasurer’s report for the year 2020 during the SACCO’S second AGM.

The 2nd EMU Sacco AGM was held on 10th September 2020. The AGM is a unique opportunity to engage with members.

This years’ EMU SACCO’s AGM focused on the way forward and sustainability for the SACCO after the end of donor support. To enhance our mandate, members are considered paramount and are therefore our key area of focus.  The challenge that the management faces is to ensure that members have the sense of ownership for the Sacco especially within the harsh environment that has escalated with the Covid 19 pandemic.

Over the last nine months, Sacco membership has grown by over 30% or to 230 members currently.

The Board seeks to increase the capital base of the Sacco through interests accrued from loans to members. Emu Sacco has various loan products that include:

  • the water loan (0.8% reducing balance);
  • development loans (1% reducing balance);
  • emergency loans (1.5% reducing balance);
  • school fees loans (1% reducing balance) and more.

The product that makes the Sacco unique is the water loan. This loan is designed to help members become water secure. Members are not only helped with the finance for water investments, they are also linked to suppliers and service providers that offer quality products and services at discounted prices. The Sacco then goes further to train the members how to use the water efficiently and add value to the economic activities of the members for improved livelihood.

EMU-SACCO has also been able to get into MOUs with several partnerships that promise benefits to its membership as highlighted below;



Afro Drip


Provide dam liners, drip irrigation kits and other PE products at preferential

Prices for EMU-SACCO members.




Sun Culture


Provide irrigation solar equipment at preferential prices for EMUSACCO members.



Kutoka Ardhini


Engages EMU-SACCO members as out-growers for their essential oil products from irrigated (e.g. geranium, tea tree, rosemary, lavender, oregano) crops.


Eco Fix  

Provide organic agricultural farm inputs to members of EMU- SACCO. This includes organic fertilizers, foliar sprays, vinegar and chicken feeds.


The Board also recognizes the integral need for deepening of partnerships with other service providers and also envisages closer collaboration with the County.

Coraid funding for the Sacco came to an end on September 30. The Board is on the lookout for fundraising opportunities from willing donors and philanthropists. The Board, with the help of MKEWP and Laikipia Forum, continues to put forth proposals seeking funds to support the Sacco’s operations and growth.

“It is my conviction that with professionalism, teamwork, creativity, innovation and commitment during implementation and adequate support from all stakeholders, our efforts lay a strong foundation towards the realization of our vision to transform our members’ livelihoods through provision of financial solutions to improve water security and sustainable economic empowerment in Ewaso Basin.”- Charles Kiara, Chairman EMU SACCO.


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