The GGR Is Back And It Promises To Be Bigger Than Ever!

The 2016 GGR Organising Committee with some of Kenya’s most remarkable bloggers at Mpala Research Centre

We are excited to announce that the Great Grevy’s Rally (GGR) is back! The event’s organising committee that includes: Grevy’s Zebra Trust, Kenya Wildlife Service, Laikipia Wildlife Forum, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Marwell Wildlife, Northern Rangelands Trust, Samburu Trust, Saint Louis Zoo (USA), and Princeton University (USA); has already put wheels in motion to organise the second census of the endangered Grevy’s zebra. The zebra census, also includes the participation of conservancy managers, county government officials, community members and tourism operators.

The event, set to take place on the 27th and 28th of January 2018 will be even more exciting for participants as it aims to not only record the number of individual Grevy’s zebra, but also reticulated giraffe and their distribution across the landscape shared with pastoral communities in Laikipia, Isiolo, Samburu, Marsabit and Meru Counties. The last GGR of January 2016 estimated 2,350 Grevy’s zebra in Kenya, and showed that their population was stable and sustaining. However, there has since been devastating drought and conflict across much of the Grevy’s zebra’s range, and we need your help to see what impact this has had on one of Kenya’s most iconic species. In addition, you will be helping us set the first baseline for reticulated giraffe! These results are critical for county governments, who are committed to conserving their wildlife, and are taking actions to mitigate the threats to these endangered species.

The Great Grevy’s Rally is an opportunity to engage citizen scientists in order to demystify scientific research that contributes to the conservation of wildlife. A citizen scientist is a member of the public who participates in scientific research. The essence of citizen science is that volunteers collect and share data that can be analyzed by scientists and shared with participants and relevant stakeholders. We invite residents and visitors to share in the science of discovery and to ask questions that will contribute to research and management of key wildlife species and their unique habitat.

“Laikipia, and the greater Ewaso landscape have embarked on a mission to be Kenya’s very own Citizen Science destination. The information collated becomes rich material for public feedback, wider public information sharing, lobbying, advocacy, funding and the development of new projects. In essence, we’re increasingly talking about the “democratisation” of science, scientific funding, and the use of scientific results.

This scientifically supervised engagement of the public will yield the second attempted complete census of the endangered Grevy’s zebra in Kenya. It will contribute to their conservation and rehabilitation as a keystone Ewaso Landscape animal. It will also bring economic, tourism and Public Relations benefits to the participating counties that can be judged in the millions of shillings” said Peter Hetz, LWF’s Executive Director.

To keep up with all the GGR 2018 activities, log on to the website here as well as follow on social media: Facebook The Great Grevy’s Rally Twitter: @GrevysRally or e-mail us on

The GGR2018 – People Powering Conservation!


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