Holistic Management – a Rangelands Solution for Laikipia or a Hole for Donor Money?

As members of LWF know, USAID and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands have supported 7 and 5 years of Holistic Manangement (HM) in Laikipia respectively. The HM activities were managed by Natural Capital, a contractor to the Forum, and focused on the Group Ranch communities of northern Laikipia.cattle ranching in Laikipia
In 2013, with the assistance of the Kenya Markets Trust (KMT), a baseline was established in order to help measure the impacts of the HM approach. The efforts were supported by household surveys, focus group discussions, and bio-physical transects. The results were published in the LWF Newsletter July 2013.
With the support of KMT, the baseline is being revisited to see if the last 2 years, and the last seven years, have resulted in any change. Enumerators supervised by LWF rangelands management staff and funded by KMT are visiting all 13 group ranches in Laikipia. 5 of those group ranches (Il Ngwesi, Makurian, Munishoi, Il Pole and Il Motiok) were subjects of the 2013 survey and received substantial support from Natural Capital. The other 8 group ranches are being surveyed this year for any spill-over acceptance of HM practices, and to set a new baseline.
The exercise will conclude in August, after the team joins with NRT to examine the impacts of their HM in two conservancies where it has been tried – Kalama and Westgate.
Results should be available in September, and will help guide further LWF and NRT investments in HM as land use, pasture management, conservation, and good governance tools.
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  1. narerio samuel
    narerio samuel says:

    Very interesting program for naibunga community.this lwf initiative in naibunga enhance by both lwf ane nrt.naibunga neen more support for this will assist in thier livelihood.

  2. Simon Addison
    Simon Addison says:

    Have the results of this study been published? If so, can you please send me a link or the report itself?
    Many thanks indeed.


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