Il Mamusi – A Forest Board Recommits to Mukugodo

Over the last months, the Il Mamusi Community Forest Association (CFA) has been working with the assistance of its neighbours and partners to rekindle commitment to the conservation and management of Mukugodo Forest.


The Il Mamusi Forest Board during a recent meeting held at Borana Ranch that looked into approving work plans for Mukogodo Forest for the next 6 months.

NRT, LWF, Borana Conservancy, and the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy have teamed together to support the future of the Board and the future of the Forest.

With these strong partnerships in place, the Board is reviewing its governance structure, getting new commitments of participation from the four group ranches/conservancies that embrace Mukugodo – Il Ngwesi, Lekurruki, Makurian and Kurikuri. In addition, the Board has called for new staff recruitment to serve in a CFA program team that is dedicated to forest conservation and management.

Borana, NRT, Lewa and LWF all obtained Il Mamusi Board positions. Richard Karmushu is the Chairman. Borana takes the Vice Chairman position, and Lewa has been appointed treasurer. LWF and Lewa will be working together in various fundraising efforts for the Forest, while NRT will support the capacity building of Il Mamusi’s CFA and the surrounding group ranches/conservancies. Prospects of funding are good, and a new management plan to guide activities and investments will begin next year.

Speaking on behalf of NRT, Richard Kasoo – Regional Coordinator for Laikipia and Meru Counties, expressed his excitement about the boards recommitment in Mukogodo emphasising the need for capacity building, making sure that governance in general is strong and up running. NRT will also strive to promote peace and where cases of conflict arise try to find an amicable solution. The goal is to help the board develop resilient community conservancies which transform people’s lives, secure peace and conserve natural resources.

There is significant interest in generating new biodiversity lists for the Mukogodo Forest. These lists will eventually constitute a resource inventory for Il Mamusi, and serve to guide management planning and zoning.

All entry to the Forest should be respected, and payment for access is expected. There is an Il Mamusi office outside the Laragai Police Post on the southern entry to the Forest from the Borana Conservancy.

For more information on Il Mamusi, access and the Mukugodo Forest, contact Samali Letai, the Acting Project Coordinator for the Il Mamusi CFA –

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  1. M Kinnaird
    M Kinnaird says:

    Just to remind the board that the Mpala Research Centre conducted biodiversity surveys of Mukogodo in 2010/11 as part of a sub-award from USAID to LWF. Working with the NMK, we used camera traps to estimate richness and relative abundance of mammal species and point count surveys for birds. Those data should provide the baseline as intended. There should also be a report in the LWF files on estimates of forest loss from mid 70s to 2009, using remotely sensed images. Also, Paul Webala and colleagues published a paper on the small mammals bats of Mukogodo in African J. Ecology 2006.


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