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Kenya Tourism Board Strategic Plan Validation

The Kenya Tourism Board is finalizing its national tourism strategy.  The Strategic Plan (here) is designed to take us from 2018- 2023. Check out the tourism statistics for this same period on slide 39.

A Validation Meeting to review the draft plan was conducted in Nairobi in December at the Fairmont/Norfolk Hotel. LTA members attended.

Overview: the Plan calls for a “reinvestment” in many of our existing tourism core values. It importantly highlights the improvements of a domestic tourism market.

In particular, it calls for greater collaboration with the Kenya private sector as this is noted as one of the strategic issues:

Strategic Issue 12: KTB Misalignment with private tourism and travel industry sector

Strategy issues to be addressed:

  • Deliver an operationally excellent value-added portfolio of services to local industry to convince them that KTB is their preferred marketing partner interested in improving their business performance.
  • Convince different types of stakeholders that KTB understands their specific needs and gives timely answers to them through the most effective channels.
  • Make communication between KTB, the tourism industry and other stakeholders highly effective, supported by the most appropriate channels, with owned platforms as the main pillar.

Strategic Objective: Improve participation, ownership and marketing performance of the Kenya Tourism Industry and other stakeholders.

Sadly, the plan does not yet take into account the values of an industry that needs to do better in its support of sustainability and green tourism.  There is no emphasis on the major elements of a strong, sustainable tourism industry. We failed to find a focus on (environment) energy conservation and management, recycling, water, waste, etc. (economic) employment, skills development, training, service delivery, destination marketing, etc.; and (culture) investments in the promotion and understanding of our communities, cultural diversity, history, social structures, legends, and beliefs.

Sustainable tourism is defined as hitting all four cornerstones of this industry – Commerce, Culture, Conservation and Community. Learn more about leading models of sustainable tourism here: https://www.thelongrun.org/.

Laikipia is increasingly characterized by this model of tourism – making us a truly unique destination in Kenya.



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