(Laikipia) County Times new model to enhance social impact

The County Times (previously The Laikipia County Times) has been launched to give a voice to local news, views, businesses and events. Not all news is National. Sometimes we just want to know what is going on in our local area. The County Times is here to serve that need.
Originally conceived to cover Laikipia County, the scope and range of  the paper has now grown to include 5 counties – Nyeri, Laikipia, Nyandarua, Isiolo and Meru
For the last 3 years, the paper has been published and distributed  on a monthly basis from the Nanyuki based office with the full 3,000 copies distributed throughout the 5 counties.
In a recent move to enhance the social impact of the paper and to address the pressing issue of Youth Unemployment, The County Times has formed a partnership with Laikipia Usanni Reloaded Youth Group.
The concept is simple. County Media Group will commit to producing and printing 3,000 copies of a high quality newspaper. Rather than continue to give the paper away for free, the paper will now be sold at a rate of 40/- per issue. The sales and distribution will be run by the Youth Group and they will receive half the sales price which will be shared between the individual seller and the group. So every paper that is bought will be assisting local young people to earn a living and support themselves. The reader gets high quality local news, the young people and the Group get an income and the paper can now ride on a sustainable model – a win win situation for all.
We welcome comments and contributions from all. After all, it is a LOCAL PAPER FROM AND FOR LOCAL PEOPLE.
For more information contact Maggie Hobbs on maggie.hobbs@tambuzi.co.ke
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  1. Ricki
    Ricki says:

    Agree wholeheartedly, Donald. Great to see two so well rpeeectsd events coming together which I hope will encourage some two-way flow of ideas, discussion and challenging debate between the normally isolated education and corporate training camps. There are at last some signs of fundamental change ahead and I hope we can begin to participate and share best practice in a fresh, pragmatic and dare I say exciting manner. Looking forward to seeing what Graham, Donald, Ian and Mark come up with.


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