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Laikipia County Ushirika Day Celebrations – A Cooperation of Cooperatives.

Nanyuki Boda Boda Sacco officials’ receive an award for exemplary service in the transport and housing scheme during the International Cooperatives day in Laikipia County

The Ewaso Maji Users SACCO is privileged to be among 62,197 registered SACCOs in Laikipia County that are slated to receive support from the County Cooperative Revolving Fund. This was established during the Ushirika Day (International Cooperatives Day) 2019 celebrations at Il Polei Twala Women’s Cultural Center, on 6th July, in Laikipia County. The theme for these year’s celebration was ‘CO-OPS 4 Decent Work’.

The celebrations was graced by the Deputy Governor, HE John Mwaniki, in the company of CEC Trade and Cooperatives, Mr. Biwot Tirop, CEC Agriculture Dr. Lucy Murugi, Area MCA, Hon. George Meshami, and nominated MCA, Hon. Zamzam Hussein.

EMU-SACCO, one of the blooming SACCOs in Laikipia, is empowering small holder farmers with water security to improve sustainability of their livelihoods; and is helping them to get away from the traditional rainfed agriculture to more efficient and well-managed irrigated agriculture. Ms. Milkah Nyaruai, the Executive officer of the SACCO, took advantage of this occasion to share on some of the benefits of being in the SACCO and rally for membership. “What we are offering is the solution to the perennial water scarcity issue in the county”, reiterated Ms. Nyaruai.

Ms. Mary Mungai, the Commissioner of Laikipia County Cooperatives, confirmed that Laikipia cooperatives had risen from 52,250 in 2015 to 62,197 in 2019. The Cooperatives movement has been the genesis of development for most developed countries in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. EMU-SACCO is playing its part in realizing this development by stimulating growth in water infrastructure investment for the people of Laikipia.

In the spirit of Cooperatives we shall combine our efforts with all the other cooperatives and partners in Laikipia Country, and then in the larger Ewaso Basin, to realize our goal.

The EMU-SACCO initiative has been made possible through the support of Cordaid and WorldBank

Want to be part of this great course, join us today.

Call: 0728830203-Milkah, Executive Officer EMU-SACCO

0722172287-Murithi Muthuri, Secretary EMU-SACCO



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