Laikipia Forest Conservation In The Midst of COVID-19

Elephants at the edge the Mukogodo Forest

April has been a low-key month for the Ilmamusi Mukogodo Forest Association. Most activities have been halted due to COVID -19.

Community members living around the forest have formed a cooperative society known as Dupoto Beekeepers. They were recently supplied with 140 modern bee-hives by World Vision under Integrated Management of Natural Resources for Resilience in Arid and Semi-arid Land Project. This took place in the first week of April 2020. The target beneficiaries are 7 user groups who are practicing beekeeping. They have a total membership of 120 people. A team of local trainers will build the capacity of the beekeepers.

We disseminate information regarding COVID -19, encouraging people to stay safe and adopt the public information messages. The staff of Ilmamusi CFA have continuously shared relevant information using their social media and outreach regarding Coranavirus. The 12 community rangers (who are drawn from the 4 corners of the forest landscape) are helping share information with their respective villages.

The community feedback is relayed back using the social media forum. However, sensitization has been on a small scale and mainly confined to areas with higher population concentrations. The CFA is also working with local administration to ensure that poor and vulnerable people in our Mukogodo communities get assistance from the National and County Governments,  especially with food supply.

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