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Laikipia Youth Farmers Establish a Youth Forum for Information Sharing and Learning

40 Laikipia youth farmers, with the support of the SNV Smart Water for Agriculture Program, came together on May 4, 2019 at Beisa Hotel Nanyuki, to establish a forum for information sharing and learning. The meeting highlighted the challenges facing youth in agriculture.  Farmers face an abundance of challenges from farm inputs to climate change; from access to money for farm improvements and volatile markets, to access to improved seed and adequate storage. These challenges are no different for our young farmers. 

Despite the challenges, agriculture can be a sector of opportunity for Laikipia’s youth. A World Bank report on youth employment, explicitly stated that “if young people can gain access to available resources and use them in conjunction with strategies to make agriculture more productive, the results could be transformative for livelihoods and economic growth.”  

In order to catalyze more activities in support of young farmers, the Group agreed to establish a social media platform (WhatsApp) for information sharing and learning:

  1. The members agreed to join the EMU-SACCO as a financial partner in advancing their Agri business enterprise.
  2. The group elected a Chairperson, Jecinta Mwangi, to represent the group in County and National forums.
  3. The group requested MKEWP to consider their membership and possible representation to the MKEWP Council
  4. The group further planned to meet quarterly for follow-up and learning on individual progress, emerging innovations and collaborative ventures.

MKEWP will continue to support this group to improve water productivity for agriculture and developing sustainable livelihoods for the youth.

For more information, please contact James Mwangi, at james.mwangi@laikipia.org and Jecinta Mwangi at jecintanyaguthiimwangi@gmail.com

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