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Making Sense of the New Mukogodo

Kenya Forest Service Board Chairman, Mr. Peter Kinyua, addresses members of the Ilmamusi Mukogodo Community Forest Association and surrounding community stakeholders in August

A series of three meetings have worked to re-establish the representation and compliance of ILMAMUSI CFA with the laws governing national forests and resources in the Country.

There are three major and important results coming out of these meetings.

  1. KFS has been importantly engaged in the re-establishment of the CFA and is committed to its success. The engagement of the Chairman of the Board is an indication of their more serious support for the Forest. This KFS engagement has been missing for the last 13 years.
  2. The Forest now has an official register of members allowed entry and use of the Forest’s resources. They are drawn from the communities living within 5 km of the Forest edge. This is the first time ever ILMAMUSI CFA has its own membership register; previously the CFA had relied on Group Ranch registers from Ilngwesi, Makurian, Kurikuri and Lekurruki Group Ranches. A total of 2,296 have now populated the CFA register. Membership registration will be an annual activity; it is the foundation upon which community involvement in co-management of forest resources in Kenya is established.
  3. Six forest user groups have been formed in each Conservancy to manage specific elements of the Forest’s future. These groups are responsible for the access, use, and sustainable management of these 6 resources. They include honey harvesting, herbal medicine collection, pasture and water, ecotourism, tree nurseries establishment, and fuel wood collection. 6 representatives have been selected from these 24 community members selected to represent each of these Forest uses.

This is a significant departure from the past CFA Management formation in which Community Based Organizations (CBOs) Chairpersons were appointed to the Board to represent the interests of forest user groups.

These 6 forest user group representatives are added to the full management committee of ILMAMUSI.

This process is being supported by FAO through the GEF-6 Restoration of Arid and Semi-arid Lands of Kenya through Bio-enterprise Development and Other Incentives

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