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Man on A Mission: EMU-SACCO Membership Recruitment

Antony Muriungi, the EMU-SACCO Marketing Officer, heading out on another recruitment mission

Two years ago, water users  in our Basin came together. We were able to set up a financial the Ewaso Maji Users  (EMU) Sacco to meet our financial and agricultural needs.

Farmer’s attitudes have since changed from looking at subsistence agriculture as the only source of livelihood to become better water managers and more dynamic entrepreneurs on an individual level.

One man who has been on the wheels of this change is Mr. Antony Muriungi, the Ewaso Maji Users Marketing Officer.

Since joining EMU-SACCO, Anthony has been able to fast track membership growth from 134 members to 202 members in just two months. Antony attributes this steady growth to close collaborations and support in the recruitment process from Water Resources Users Associations, Community Water Projects and the SACCO management team.

“Our members needed loan facilities without providing collateral or security as is a requirement by the main Banks. They believed that such loans could only be provided efficiently and urgently by an in-house Sacco.”

“We must understand that the members are the backbone of Ewaso Maji Users Sacco, and the reason we exist. As part of our mission to transform our member’s livelihoods through provision of financial solutions to improve water security and sustainable economic empowerment in Ewaso Basin, we focus on working with each member personally to better understand their financial goals and offer attainable solutions that really make a difference, ”says Anthony.

He adds that the SACCO is fully aware that as a cooperative, profits are returned to members, in the form of improved services, lower interest rates, and higher deposit rates.

“We know we are delivering on these promises as our members have been extremely active in all areas of our offerings, including telling us where we are doing great and where we can improve. We are willing to go all the way and introduce more products which shall be much affordable to our Members.”

Emu Sacco provides a number of financial products,  the main one being the water loan dubbed, Maji Chap Chap, with an interest rate of 0.8% on a reducing balance. Through this loan members are linked to service providers and acquire water infrastructure/technology at discounted prices.

Here are some important testimonials from EMU Sacco members

I have been a member of the Sacco for one year and during my time as a member, I have nothing but love for everyone who works and support this society. I believe that the Sacco will grow to be a big Sacco and have great impact on the lives of farmers. I am so proud to be a member!- bona fide member                  Isaac Magiri

Since I Joined Emu Sacco, I have benefitted from linkages to service providers like, Sun Culture. I was able to get a solar pump at very low price and this pump has helped boost my farming.  Even during hard times like this of the Covid pandemic, Emu Sacco has always communicated to us as members in time to help us understand situations which makes it even better for us as members. Asante Emu Sacco!                 Mr. Japhet Kariithi

What I can testify is that there has been a steadfast growth in the Sacco over the last months and we are aiming to greater heights for growth. I am working to ensure EMU SACCO becomes a leading financial institution offering superior financial access along the Ewaso and Mount Kenya region.    Anthony Muriungi


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