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Mount Kenya Ewaso Water Partnership (MKEWP) Council adopts its Financial Sustainability Plan (FSP)

Mount kenya Ewaso Water Partnership

The Council of Mount Kenya Ewaso Water Partnership (MKEWP) take a group photo after the Council Meeting on 13th March 2018


In a meeting held on the 13th of March 2018, the MKEWP Council unanimously agreed to pass the FSP which is key to the implementation of the Partnership’s strategic plan over the next five years.

The adoption of the Financial Sustainability Plan will:

  • Allow MKEWP to start membership recruitment
  • Implement additional fundraising and resource mobilization.
  • Provide a mechanism for implementation of the 5-year MKEWP Strategy.

In the meeting, the Council also nominated a five Member Executive Committee that includes:

The Chair of The Council, Mr Maina , Mr Timothy Mutie from Water Resource Authority; Mr Mike Thomas- Rural Focus; Ms Eddah Adero, from CETRAD, and Mr Murithi Muthuri the Chairman of  Ngusishi WRUA.

The key roles of the executive committee will be to work with the MKEWP secretariat and provide oversight and support of its activities.

Finally, Stanley Kirimi, MKEWP Coordinator, was appointed to Laikipia Wildlife Forum (LWF) board as a representative of the MKWP Council. The new Laikipia Wildlife Forum Board is expected to form later this year and will represent at least 8 different organizations in the Greater Laikipia Landscape, including MKEWP.

MKEWP’s Water Field Trip challenges farmers

MKEWP water Field Trip

The Water Field Trip brought together the Mount Kenya Trust, MKEWP and farmers who are also members of Water Resource User Associations (WRUAs) and Self Help Groups in Laikipia and Meru Counties. It showcased best water management practices by innovators in the Mt. Kenya area.

Mount Kenya Ewaso Water Partnership (MKEWP) organised a Water Field Trip on the 9th March as part of the ten-day programme of the Mount Kenya Trust Festival.

The trip showcased best water management practices by innovators in the Mt. Kenya area.

It brought together the Mount Kenya Trust, MKEWP and farmers who are also members of Water Resource User Associations (WRUAs) and Self Help Groups in Laikipia and Meru Counties.

The farmers had a chance to visit MOOF Africa Farm, where they taught about organic farming and alternative high-value crops that require little water. For example, they were encouraged to grow Geranium, a commercial herb cultivated for essential oils that utilize small amounts of water as compared to other crops grown in Laikipia.

The second visit of the day was to the Lolomarik Farm in Timau, where the group learned about collaboration between a big commercial farm and a local WRUA (Ngusishi).  They were also taken through the proper use of harvested water on rose farming and alternative water sources that could minimize abstraction from rivers.

Lolomarik Farm has taken advantage of its greenhouses, harvesting rainwater, which is channelled to water reservoirs. The farm has also drilled boreholes to diversify its sources of water.

The group was also taken through process of recycling used water using wetlands to produce water for farming.

The last visit of the day was to a small-scale farmer- Mr and Mrs. Patrick Maina, in Nturukuma, where the group learned about water harvesting and efficient water use. Mr and Mrs. Maina, who is recognized as a water champion, has perfected water harvesting and collects rainwater from his home in a 1.8 million litre water reservoir.

He uses modern water technology like drip and moist irrigation to minimise water use.

The Water Field Trip was a big success as MKEWPs coordinator challenged farmers to adopt simple but effective water conservation and management methods in their households and in their user groups, especially in regards to water collection and storage.

Special Commendation to Conservation Heroes

On the final day of the Mount Kenya Trust Festival, two women from Nanyuki were recognized for their efforts in water management and conservation.

The partnership gave Mary Mukami of Nanyuki WRUA special commendation for her role in water conservation; while Charity Wamaitha Maina of Likii WRUA was recognized as a Water Conservation Hero.

Likii Wrua in River Clean Up

River Likii Laikipia

Locals take part in Likii River clean-up exercise organised by Likii WRUA on the 8th of March 2018

On the 8th of March 2018, the Mount Kenya Ewaso Partnership (MKEWP) participated in clean-up exercise of Likii River organised by Likii Water Resource User Group (WRUA).

The partnership together with Water Resource Authority (WRA), Water Sector Trust Fund (WSTF), National Environment Management Authority (NEMA), Kenya Forest Service (KFS), joined the efforts of residents living along the river.

The effort cleaned up a 3 km stretch of the River between the bridge on the main road to the confluence with the Nanyuki River.

Fauna and Flora International eager for more partnerships

This March, Fauna and Flora International (FFI) met with stakeholders in Laikipia County in its eagerness to consolidate partnerships in the implementation of its project in Mutara and Suguroi.

In the meeting, FFI took the stakeholders through baseline survey results that will be used to enhance resilience in Laikipia County. This was an outcome of household surveys held in December 2017 to establish current water accessibility and demand by WRUA members.

Together with the partners, FFI met with WRUAS at Mutara and Sugoi ,where they held discussions on how to sustain river flows in the area during dry seasons.

This is part of FFI’s strategy of ensuring that natural resources across the Laikipia Plateau are conserved and used sustainably.

Laikipia Cattle,Water and Wildlife Project is funded by the Darwin Initiative through UK Government funding.

The project is implemented with partnership of FFI, LWF and Ol Pejeta Conservancy.

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