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Mukugodo Forest 2019 Update

We have good news to report. Because of the assistance of its major partners – Borana, Lewa, NRT and the Forum, and with financial support of the FAO, the ILMAMUSI CFA is on course to be stronger than ever.

Mukogodo Forest is the last great forest of the greater Laikipia landscape. It’s important for three major reasons: it’s a dry-season grazing reserve for our Lakipia Maasai; it’s an important biodiversity center and carbon sink; and it’s a national forest reserve and water tower.

The Forum is working with the Board of the CFA to draft a new constitution and to overhaul the Board leadership. The new constitution and board will be reviewed, approved and elected by the 4 members of the CFA – Il Ngwesi, Makurian, Mukogodo, and Sieku group ranches – hence the acronym ILMAMUSI.

All four group ranches are now registered as conservancies and are in the process of obtaining new community land titles to replace their group ranch status.

NRT will lead activities in 2020 to overhaul the old forest management plan. The new plan will guide zoning and investments in the Forest. In addition, NRT will help build capacity of the two new conservancies – Kurikuri and Makurian.

A new CFA manager will take up the role in January of 2020, and will be based at the Laragai/Borana north gate – next to the police post. The CFA office will be the official port of call for entry into the Forest reserve for visitors, researchers and tourist.

A 2000 KSH fee/day will be required to enter the forest. Supporting partners Lewa, Borana, NRT and the Forum have all contributed to its establishment and improvements.

Stay tuned for update on Friends of Mukogodo, and how you can add your voice and support to this critical part of Laikipia!



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