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This year, Nanyuki celebrates its 100th anniversary.

The County Government is keen to link this celebration to a string of events over the next four months. Here are some of them!

  1. World Tourism Day will be celebrated in Nanyuki, the weekend of September 26 and 27th, with a marketing and advertising campaign led by the County and the Standard Media Group.

They will feature the marketing line, “Twende Nanyuki – Mwisho Wa Reli”, and #Destination Laikipia.

This is a good chance to advertise and market LTA services and activities for the public.

Destination Laikipia is again being (re)launched, and this time led by the Laikipia County Development Authority. Stay tuned for the release of the revised website produced in concert with the Laikipia Tourism Authority, and featuring all things great within the County  and its surrounds.

  1. 100for100 – Greening Nanyuki. A Task Force of County, LCDA, the Forum, and MKEWP have been working hard these last two months to identify at least 100 acres of green public areas to preserve in the face of Nanyuki’s growth. We are hoping to have at least 1 acre of green preserved for each year of the town’s age.


The Task Force identified more than the 100 acres of greens space that include riparian walkways and picnic/public grounds.  The proposals now sit with the County Government for support and action. We expect the next steps to be public engagement in the location and confirmation of the sites/walkways

  1. Nanyuki@100

The town will celebrate the build-up to the Anniversary birthday party expected on or close to Jamhuri Day (December 12). Stay tuned for the program of events expected out from County Government soon.

And expect more news and contributions from our citizens, banks and businesses in support of the event!

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