National Drought Management Authority Releases the Long Rains Assessment National Report

We suspect that most of you won’t read this report, but for those with interest, the GOK/Kenya Food Security Steering Group has released a report illustrating the continuation of the dire situation in northern Kenya.

Interested readers will want to turn their attention to the section where Laikipia appears in section 2.3 – on page 34. We’re lumped with Kajiado, Narok, Baringo, and West Pokot – in the agro-pastoralist belt. 

There are a host of factors in Laikipia and outside Laikipia that impact us, our land use, and our food security. 

Others will be interested in the statistics, such as the population estimate for Laikipia in 2016 – about 506,000 people, of which as many as 76,000 are considered chronically food insecure during October – December. 

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