ORAMAT LENABOISHO Cooperative Society Set to Grow

The Kenya’s livestock sector is primed to grow exponentially over the next three decades. This growth is huge and is expected to anchor Kenya’s food security amid a rapid rise in the human population.

The livestock sector will have choice but to respond through reform. Oramat Lenaboisho  Cooperative intends to be part and parcel of this transformation of the sector.   But how?

In the recent years,  the over-dependence on rains that never rain, combined with poor livestock and rangelands management, and a lack of access to markets have hindered productivity. In addition, falling yields, degraded lands, cash constraints and inefficient links between small holders and consumers have contributed to food deficits, limiting livelihood opportunities and forcing much of the population to rely on food aid.  Laikipia North was particularly hard-hit during the Covid crisis.

The growing food demand, the adoption of improved livestock technologies, formation of cooperatives and more efficient markets offer opportunities to enhance livestock production, food security and resilience amongst the pastoralists of Laikipia North.

Oramat has been championing for change in the sector since the formation of the Cooperative. It continues to source funds through partnerships with the County Government and is presently working on a loan through the KCB bank that is aimed at accelerating the recovery from Covid 19.

Oramat is making all these efforts to ensure that it remains relevant and viable and can live up to its dream of revitalizing our rangelands with benefits to the sector and individual households.

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