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Oramat Lenaboisho: The Cooperative Society Advocates For A Commercial Community Approach To Livestock Management

Oramat Lenaboisho is a steadily growing community partnership society that continues to help its members realize the importance of owning well-managed livestock and the benefits that come with it.

Oramat  has been strongly advocating for the importance of rangelands management, rehabilitations and restorations and lobbies for the engagement of women and the youth in the ownership and management of the livestock husbandry -to – livestock  markets model.

Through these efforts, the Society has been able to acquire a membership of about 150 to help realize its goals. Our aim is to continue to build pastoralist communities that own and manage sustainable, community-owned,  and culturally appropriate projects.

The Society is working to scale up its operations . We work with members to help them shift their thinking to move from a prestigious way of keeping livestock to a more commercial approach that brings good returns. To achieve this, OLCS partnered with the county government and acquired a 2 million Kenyan shillings loan that has been invested in the purchase of cows. This amount was channeled towards buying steers, fattening them and then to sell them at a profit.

The continuous buying, fattening and selling of the steers works to ensure the viability of this cooperative society; and we have repaid the loan, and applied for a bigger one! Stay tuned for our PHASE 2 and stories to come?

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