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Water Resource Users Association Members read through the EMU- SACCO flier at a membership drive held in Timau

The Mount Kenya Ewaso Water Partnership and EMU-SACCO traversed over 300km from the plateaus of Laikipia North to the chilly mountain areas of Meru County, determined to complete the 16 meetings in a bid to sensitize the communities on the relevance and importance of on-farm water conservation and management.

“Watu wangu wacha tupendane kama mababu zetu”, said Mr. Murithi, Secretary EMU-SACCO.

“My people let us love each other as our fore fathers did.’’

This was the theme for our membership drive that kicked off on June 3rd.  The EMU-SACCO seeks to bring back the African spirit of community-based collective development and the concern for each other and the environment.

As a result, 30 diverse WRUAs across the whole of Ewaso Ngiro North Basin embraced the EMU-SACCO concept and pledged to fully support the initiative.  Sentiments from the over 2600 water users present at the meetings highlighted the real picture of the water challenges that our people face. Better still, we got to interact with resilient communities who are ready to tackle any environmental challenges that come their way.

Our agents are on the ground reaching out to communities through the Water Resource Users Associations (WRUA) s and the Community Water projects. Our membership drive seeks to bring on board at least 1000 new institutional and organizational members eager to join us in our water agenda.  To date, we have recruited over 200 new institutional members in pursuit of this target.

More than 3000 community members have been reached with the EMU-SACCO message! The places we visited are dynamic and different and there is a great need to customize our products specific to the community.

We are the change we want to see.

Come join us today and be part of this change.

 For more information on the SACCO and to become a member:

Call: Chairman: Mr. Charles Ikiara, 0722333669

Email: charleskiara1@gmail.com

Office Line: 0700014239

 Becoming a member is as easy as this:

  • Registration fee: KES 1000
  • The minimum share value that a member of the SACCO can hold is:  KES 2000
  • To help kick-start a member’s savings account and build the SACCO’s loan base the contribution is: KES 5000

KCB Paybill Number: 522522        Account Number: 1257698257

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