“SCAMPS”!!? What Are They?

Sub Catchment Management Plans (SCMP) are the approved tools by which water issues are identified and managed in our rivers. They are key to the functions of Water Resource User Groups, and they dictate the amount of water that can be used from each river. They are used to establish the environmental flow of a river to ensure that there is sufficient water downstream. They also dictate the location of water offtake points in the system. They are a necessity in order to receive funding from the Water Sector Trust Fund, and they must be approved by the Water Resources Authority.

They are also affectionately referred to as SCAMPS, an abbreviation of the acronym, SCMP.

MKEWP continues to support the development of these plans. During this most recent period, we have supported Naromoru and Isiolo WRUAs to review and improve their Sub-Catchment Management Plans (SCMP). Naromoru WRUA SCMP was developed in 2009 and Isiolo WRUA in 2008. Both SCMPs were developed through earlier LWF financial support. These revisions SCMP to align the older SCMPs with the Water Act 2016.

The WRUA mandate outlined in the SCMPs cuts across the County and Government functions and requires the support of both levels of government in their implementation. They are THE Major Tool to improve water and sanitation services and water resource management.

The SCMPs include activities that contribute to sustainable water service delivery, and soil and water conservations. These two aspects of water management contribute directly to the County requirements. There is urgent need for County financial support to WRUA SCMP implementation if we are to realize their benefits.

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