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Silver Lining for the Landscape’s Tourism Industry?

Will we come out stronger, smarter and more successful?

The tourism sector has always been one of the main revenue generators in our country, and the Laikipia landscape in particular. With the outbreak of COVID 19, however, the tourism industry was immensely affected. Many people have since lost their jobs and livelihoods as a consequence.

The Laikipia Tourism Association (LTA) has been working with the KTB, TRA , County governments, and tourism destinations and establishments to restore some sense of normalcy and resilience to the sector. Over the last few months, we have worked on:

TRA compliance certificates

The Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife and other stakeholders developed health and safety protocols for the sector. The Tourism Regulatory Authority (TRA) is charged with oversight implementation of these protocols.

The TRA developed a checklist for tourism activities and services with a compliance certificate issued for each entity after application and approval.

LTA has been forwarding applications for COVID 19 compliance certificates and self-assessment checklists from our members for processing with nearly all participating establishments now issued with their self-compliance certificates and stickers.

Destination Laikipia Website

Destination Laikipia is a concerted effort by the County Government of Laikipia in collaboration with the Laikipia Tourism Association to realize our shared commitment to support and market Laikipia as the leading tourism destination in the region. The new website will market what our landscape has to offer.

The Laikipia Tourism Association has therefore been working with the Laikipia County Development Authority to manage private sector inputs to the new site. Photos, logos, contact details et cetera will go a long way in marketing our destinations at a time when many of them are trying to get back on their feet.

There is no cost to these establishments to market themselves on the website.

 Twende Nanyuki Mwisho Wa Reli Initiative

The World Tourism day is celebrated on the 27th of September of every year. It is celebrated to foster awareness among the international community of the importance of tourism and its social, cultural, political and economic value. This year, the Laikipia Tourism Association helped the county celebrate the event in style. We worked closely with the Standard Group, Ol Pejeta, and other partners to ensure that residents of neighbouring counties travelled to Nanyuki through the recently revamped railway line. Most of our establishments around town reported nearly 70% occupancy for the weekend. Considering the impacts of the virus, this is a big boost.


LTA pledges to support all initiatives that will reinvigorate our tourism industry and bring benefits to our people and economy. More on the Twende Nanyuki initiative


Tourism Finance Corporation Stimulus Loans

A total of 3 billion was injected to the Tourism Finance Corporation for soft loans to hotels and related establishments to restore the tourism sector from the effects of the COVID 19 pandemic.

The Tourism Finance Corporation (TFC), has therefore invited investors, tourism establishments to apply for the tourism recovery stimulus soft loans online from 22nd September 2020 to 12th October 2020. The Laikipia Tourism Association has offered support by providing guidance on the loan application process as well as helping review applications before submission.


The Laikipia Tourism Association will continue to be at the forefront to ensure that we continue advocating on issues affecting sustainable tourism in Laikipia. That we continue to represent our tourism industry at national and regional levels on all matters impacting tourism and that we continue to work with various partners to consolidate marketing, branding and communications that support Laikipia landscape tourism.

Should you be having any questions, suggestions or comments regarding the state of the tourism sector, you can reach us through our social media handles.

Facebook- Laikipia Tourism Association

Twitter- @TourismLaikipia

Or through email- tourismlaikipia@laikipia.org

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