MKEWP joins Inaugural Laikipia Water Conference

Laikipia Water Conference

Momboko Women Group from Likii in Laikipia join MKEWP team at their stand during the Inagural Laikipia Water Conference on the 17th March 2018

 Mount Kenya Ewaso Water Partnership (MKEWP) exhibited at the Inaugural Laikipia Water Conference held on 17th and 18th May at the Nanyuki Sports Club.

Over the two-day conference, MKEWP showcased their 5-year Strategic Plan, and “Guide to the Water Act 2016”, a simplified version of the 2016 Kenya Water Act.

The Guide was created to sensitize communities on the relatively new Water Act. Over 200 copies were given out along with Partnership’s fact sheets.

At the MKEWP stand, attendees were informed about the Partnership’s collective actions with member in integrated water resource management, since its inception in 2016

The Partnership was joined by collaborators and members who showcased innovative water management and conservation solutions. Notably, these include:  SunCulture, Ngusishi Water Resource User Association, Centre for Training and Integrated Research in ASAL Development (CETRAD) and Kenya Water and Sanitation Civil Societies Network (KEWASNET).

Stanley Kirimi, the Partnership Coordinator, represented MKEWP during the conferences breakout sessions on community sensitization and water harvesting The Inaugural Laikipia Water Conference 2018 was conducted to bring together stakeholders, the private sector investors and donors to discuss issues that are currently facing the water sector. The conference also provided a platform to create awareness on the water crisis in Laikipia and discussed the mechanisms that would promote sustainability in the water sector.

In a bid to alleviate water shortages in the County, the national government also pledged to support the construction of the Ksh 15 Billion Kahurura Dam, with completion expected in 2022. This dam will serve the growing population of Nanyuki where the population is expected to reach 750,000- 1M people by 2025.

The MKEWP membership now stands at more than 100 local organizations, businesses, and representatives.