The Forum to Launch the Mazingira Conservation Fund in 2020

A major ingredient needed for conservation in this landscape has always been local access to grant money. The Mazingira Conservation Fund originated with fundraising efforts to support endangered species conservation in the greater Laikipia area, particularly for rhinos. The Rhino Revival Fundraising was so successful, we have expanded that Fund for greater conservation impacts.

The Laikipia Mazingira Conservation Fund is designed to support wildlife conservation efforts and innovations in our landscape. More than research, it supports practical interventions aimed at securing habitat and safe passage for our many wildlife species, but with a particular focus on our vulnerable and endangered species. The fund supports individuals, communities, schools, and organized groups with access to grants aimed at these conservation goals.

Small grant guidelines will be released on 2020, and the first round of small grants can be expected next year.


{Mazingira Conservation Fund Flyer}

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