What’s a CEAP?


Please find the background to the first Laikipia County Environmental Action Plan (CEAP).

This information includes the public invitation for participation in an event hosted by the County Government, NEMA, and World Vision; the background to Environmental Action Planning in Kenya; and the latest draft (#3) of the Laikipia County Environmental Action Plan.

For those with a continued interest in our environment, the CEAP, along with the County Spatial Plan, are two of the most important documents guiding our future environmental health

The Constitution of Kenya 2010 has elevated environmental integrity into a human right; and has made deliberate and strategic effort to address environmental impacts, considering the environment a constitutional obligation of every individual as well as providing a framework for environmental interventions at National and County levels.

So we encourage you to Keep Informed and Stay Engaged!

Please direct your comments to the Drafting Committee, and cc to the Forum for follow-up.

NEMA Laikipia <cdelaikipia@gmail.com>

CEC Environment, Njenga Kahiro <njengakahiro@gmail.com>


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