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WRUA Agency Model Kicks-off

In June, the Mt. Kenya Ewaso Water Partnership conducted WRUA Agency Model awareness meetings in the upper Ewaso Nyiro Basin. The meetings are part of our efforts to bring together all water stakeholders in the region in support of the model.

Water scarcity in the dry season, catchment degradation, climate change impacts, and deforestation, have been great challenges facing the upper Ewaso Nyiro Basin in the past decade. As the sun rises and sets, we must address these issues head on and bring about immediate intervention.

The Agency, through the support of World Bank and CORDAID is working with MKEWP to address the water security issues.

Water Resource Users Associations (WRUA) are destined to serve as agents of Water Resources Authority. The Authority is required to delegate tasks to the WURA for catchment protection and pay for services rendered. This is part of the Water Act 2016.

“Everybody has right to access clean water at equal measures. It our responsibility as water stakeholders to protect our rivers and water towers. Climate change is evident in our recent times and we have no option but to address it. Irrigated agriculture is inevitable and without our water towers and water storage structures, the food crisis will be there. If we don’t protect our environment, it will judge us harshly,” said James Mwangi, Mt. Kenya Ewaso Water Partnership Water Resource Specialist.

Through awareness meetings the partnership managed to get full endorsement from Water Resource Users membership and now embark on implementation of the model by lobbying a high-end support from the authority. “The model is good and it speaks the voice of majority of water users in the region. It should have come earlier but all is not lost. We will pick up and carry it on your support. We pass our kind regards and endless love to the donors for coming to Ewaso Nyiro to rescue the lost glory of our beautiful rivers” said Ephrahim Kahenya, Naromoru WRUA Chairman during the first awareness meeting.

County Government, through their agricultural officers, support the
Agency Model. They know the importance of addressing water
insecurity in the home and in the fields. Drip irrigation technologies
and rain water harvesting are both key to addressing the water
insecurity problems.    

The WRUAs were advised to plant more trees along the riparian lands and to adopt better farming practices part of their WRUA Agency Model responsibilities.

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